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Rihanna’s ANTI Album is Available Now

Oops, Tidal leaked Rihanna’s ANTI album ahead of time and fans jumped on this like bees to a flower. Rihanna then released the album hours later and Room 8 to her ANTI-diaRy Room series. Gift to my navy!!! #ANTI Download…

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WNBA – Watch Me Work

The WNBA 20th season begins this May. Their campaign ‘Watch me Work’, #WatchMeWork celebrates women in the WNBA and not just their roles as athletes, but also as mothers and role models. The video highlights those who paved the way…

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DC Comics Expands

DC Comics is expanding to the world of Hanna-Babera. Do you remember the Hanna-Babera shows?; The Flintstones and Scooby-Doo just to name a few. Those were wonderful animations to grow up on. DC Comics selected some of those characters and…

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Barbie Has Evolved … into a more realistic image doll

Now, Barbie doesn’t only come in different skin shades, she also comes in different shapes and sizes. Barbie flaunts a tall, curvy and petite figure and models on the cover of TIME magazine. So Why the sudden change? Check out…

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Tyra & boyfriend, Erik welcomes York

Guys it’s official, Tyra Banks and Erik Asla are parents. They welcomed their new baby boy York Banks Asla and Tyra shared the news on her Instagram by posting a hospital baby hat last night. (o.p:Instagram-@tyrabanks) York Banks Asla was…

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Warner Bros. – Keanu

There’s a new comedy coming this year starring Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele called Keanu and the trailer is pretty sweet. Check it out:

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Zero Waste in 2016

It seems like a Zero-Waste lifestyle would go against the norm or against the way the average person lives. However, in order to sustain a planet for future generations, or just for tomorrow one must limit their waste and in…

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Suicide Squad: this August

We’re finally in January knocking on February’s door and August, we wish you’d come sooner or at least have the release of Suicide Squad happen earlier. The wait is excruciating! In the mean time, check out their newly released trailer…

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