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World of Dance – DM NATION

The World of Dance competition was held in Boston this past Thursday and it was amazing to watch. The group that emerged as winners were DM Nation with a fantastic performance. Check it out below: (youtube)

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The Good Dinosaur

This next children’s movie explores the idea of a human child and a dinosaur coexisting. The duo appears to help each other out in situations that arise. The dinosaur seems to be a means of transportation and the human child…

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This next upcoming animated children’s film is vibrant, witty and… … … slow? Check out the trailer below (youtube)

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Men in Black – Female Agent

According to Variety Men in Black producers plan to place in a female agent giving her a significant role in the next approaching sequel of Men in Black. Also producers are unsure if their starring character, Will Smith, will be…

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Tank – You Don’t Know ft. Wale

Slowing it down for you this Thursday night, Here is Tank’s You Don’t Know featuring Wale:

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We The North

According to TMZ, Drake announced the starting line up for Toronto Raptors last night and “sounded like a pro”. All in all a good start for Toronto. From the Cavs, Lebron James passes Reggie Miller for 18th position on the…

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Blue Origin makes Space Travel possible

Start making plans to travel into space because it is now a possibility thanks to Blue Origin’s New Shepard space vehicle. Blue Origin had a successful test when their rocket launched into space and returned back safely. Check out the…

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Ride Along 2 – January 2016

Ride Along 2 hits cinemas January 2016 and we’re impatiently waiting to check out the sequel to the first Ride Along. Will it be just as good, better or did they put all their eggs in the trailer? We will…

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