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Happy Candy Corn Day!

With Halloween right around the corner, today’s national holiday falls perfectly in place. It’s National Candy Corn Day! Twas the night before Halloween, when suddenly a knock, Damon tiptoed to the door, and quickly turned the lock. He peered through…

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Lamar Odom`s Health Takes a Positive Turn

According to TMZ, Lamar is doing a lot better and no longer needs a kidney transplant. From being told that his kidneys were in a `life-threatening`state and now `dramatic improvement`, things are surely looking up for him. Lamar is now…

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Taylor Swift Welcomes The Heat

Miami Heats`, Dwayne Wade presented Taylor Swift with a Heat jersey at her concert in Miami at the American Airlines Arena.

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Oct. 29th NBA Games

List of scores: Grizzlies 112 Pacers 103 Hawks 112 Knicks 101 Clippers 104 Mavericks 88 Game Highlights:

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Austin Rivers Fined For Throwing Seat Cushion

Clippers’ Austin Rivers was unable to contain his excitement after winning 111-104 against the Kings on the 28th of October. In the fourth quarter of their victory, Rivers threw a seat cushion into the stands. He is being fined $25,…

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Patriots Beat the Dolphins

In last night’s NFL game, the Patriots overshadowed the Dolphins beating them 36-7. Dolphins vs Patriots | Oct. 29th | Game Highlights

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China’s 1-Child Policy Changes

China’s one-child policy is getting thrown out to welcome a new policy allowing couples to have two children, but after years of this policy being in effect how will this change affect those living in China? For a brief overview,…

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Oct. 28th 14 Game Night Highlights and Scores:

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